Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Top Ten: Sherlock Christmas Fanart

Ahhh, Christmas. The magical season of miracles and trees. And of course the cats trying--but failing--to knock over our tree. A true miracle. As I sit down to write this post, eggnog in hand, christmas spiri--NOPE. The eggnog has gone off. This does not bode well for the season.

Of all the wonderful perks of the season, the Christmas specials are among my favorite. (As is this. Harold for life.) In celebration of the BBC Sherlock Christmas Special, a post of Christmas Sherlock fanart. W00t.


I'll bet his eggnog is delicious. (And yes, I know that's tea.)
John's slippers. ASDFGHJKL

*glares at stick figures angrily*
The coat flip and hair ruffle
were just off camera.
The height difference in Johnlock fanart always gets me.
Rudolph will have a better life with Jim.
Those other reindeer are mean.
Ship it like FedEx.
This makes me happy.

PSA: Sunday posts as of late have been going to Lucifer in a lemon cake. Imma try Mondays for a while. Here's hoping.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Jarsen The Fandom Panda Christmas Speical

Telling me where to put all those ornaments is hard work.
(Pic from here, edit by me, Jarsen by Jarsen)
I have no idea what happened to the Sunday post. I wrote it, mum edited it, I had it set up for automatic posting... and it... Broken. Internet was broken. And I was out of town, so whoopsie.  I'll save it for next year. 

Anyway, IT'S THE JARSEN CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!!!! *panda yodel of happiness*
Jarsen is currently taking a nap after decorating the tree (pictured). Personally, I feel like I'm cheating on Thanksgiving with Christmas. We still have turkey in our fridge. It's just not right.

As you may know, Jarsen has a certain fondness for Christmas.

It might be because of the cookies.  

And listening to Billy Joel's Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas on a loop.

And the cake.

Most likely the cake. Jarsen is one of the few pandas who likes food other than bamboo. That is a rarity among the panda community. As are hats. Jarsen is just special. 

What's been going on with Jarsen you ask? Well, lately he's been working with the Department of Bird Rehabilitation to start a Christmas program among the inmates. 

(BTW, if anyone knows where we can get 5000 six-inch tall bird seed Christmas trees for 25 bucks and a peanut butter sandwich, that'd be great.)