Monday, March 9, 2015

Abuse Is the New Black

What do these people, because I'm reluctant to call them men, have in common?
Well, I guess you'll have to read my thingy.
(Lucious pic from here, Jake pic from here, Christian Grey pic from here, and edit by me)
Trigger Warning: Abusive relationships.
(Nothing against the actors, BTW)

Guess who's back? No, not Backstreet. It's never Backstreet.

I've been watching television. Shocker, amiright? But lately I've noticed a trend amongst some of the male characters. If you've had eyeballs in the past few months, you probably know at least one of these suck merchants. If not, let me introduce you.

Empire's Lucious Lyon. Abusive. 
Mysteries of Laura's Jake Broderick. Abusive.
50 Shades' Christian Grey. Abusive.

Let's start from the top of the list.

Nobody is nominating Lucious Lyon for father of the year, but where are the repercussions for his abusive behavior? For his cheating, pitting his sons against each other, murder, and blatant homophobia? He put his kid in a trash can. Repeat: he put his sweet, defenseless little boy in a trash can. He shot a man in the face in cold blood. He lies, manipulates, and belittles the people around him to get what he wants. In what world is that any level of okay? Not this one. Yeah, he's a businessman, blah blah blah. But emotionally scaring the people you love is not justified just because you've built a successful empire. He's a flawed character, interesting to watch, but at least the writers and show are up front about his flaws and abusive nature. How he'll deal with the consequences of those actions remains to be seen.

Jake Broderick, on the other hand, is painted in a very endearing light for what he really is:
narcissistic, manipulative, and a cheater. But the show is all about star crossed lovers Captain Jake and Detective Laura, their lost love, and the sparkly spark that yet shines betwixt them. You know why? Because he's the father of her children. That person is always going to hold a special place in your heart. But if you really watch what's going on, it's clear that Jake has no respect for Laura's boundaries, privacy, or her other relationships. Unfortunately the writers portray this as cute and charming, ignoring the fact that his behavior is abusive, particularly since he is in a position of power over her. Jake Broderick gets my vote as the worst abuser on this list because his abuse is written as "cute," and "acceptable" and is, consequently, more insidious. 

It's kinda established that Christian Grey is an abusive buttmonkey. And I'm not talking about the BDSM: I'm talking about his abuse of power in a his relationship with what's-her-face. Where's the education, the explanation of what "safe, sane and consensual" means? I wouldn't just stumble into my fancy-sexy-boss-man-person's room devoted to radioactive monkey science and just do it. You've got to know what you're getting yourself into before you start with the radioactive monkey sciences. He took a young, impressionable, naive girl and pushed her into the deep end of a world she had only ever heard of. Yeah, yeah, fantasy, blah, blah. Abuse is still abuse.

I'm not going to stop watching Empire or Mysteries of Laura. It's good television. So is Hannibal. That doesn't mean we should eat people, and it doesn't mean that abuse is okay. We just need to acknowledge that the things that they are doing are not good, acceptable, or by any means ideal.

Abuse is an ongoing issue in our world. It's a sad truth, but it's the way it is. And until we can get to a place where we stop romanticizing abuse and abusers, it's going to say that way.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hello FanStuffs, Goodbye Money: This Is My Cup Of Tea

I'm too tired not to find this hilarious.

Prepare yourself for me sounding like a low budget commercial.

As you know, I'll be doing a giveaway here in a bit for the one year anniversary of the blog, and I had decided a while back to do tea or coffee for my next giveaway.

I remembered that Adagio Teas makes fandom teas, so I went over to give them a look.

It's amazing.

They not only have fandom teas, but they have collections. And ships. You can ship the teas with other teas. And you get 10% off if you buy two teas that are in a ship together. And they have framed sets, so you can put them in your house. I cannot contain all of my happy. You got a fandom? They've probably got a tea. Buffy, Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who... the list goes on. And on. You may be asking yourself, "Self? What if they don't have a tea for my fandom? Or they do and I don't like it?" You can make them. You can make your own teas. It's a dream come true.

I think this is a wonderful thing. Not just because you can sit down after a long day and have a big cup of Castiel, although that is a plus. But because that means that the fandoms are spreading out into the world. Into other things and places. Beyond the reach of the internet and into a corporeal space.

Love me a corporeal space.

The link to the main site is here, the link to the fandom page is here, and I'll be all the way over here with the order form. 'Cause I needz it.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Last Tango In Hali--GREG

I watch a British television show called" Last Tango In Halifax." It's about old people in love, life, and an untangle-able web of lies. Really untangle-able. Don't even try.

It's lovely.

The new season has started up a few weeks ago. And I was just watching along, when who shows up but DI GREG LESTRADE.

That's really all I've been thinking about. Greg. GregGregGregGreg. As you know, I love Greg. Not just the character, but the actor too. Rupert Graves is very talented. I'm going to try to find "'Tis a Pity She's a Whore", because my godmother saw that in theater and was very impressed with him.

But, he'll always be Greg to me.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Shipper Heart Is Full Of Rainbows And Hope

Shaw x Root. Of love.

As of last night, Shaw x Root hath become canon.

And I'm kinda freaking out about it.

I've never had a ship that's become canon before. It's a brave new world. A world full of hope and rainbows. Mostly the rainbows.

Of course, I've shipped canon ships, Sheldon and Amy for example. But I've never shipped something from its fledgling state unto existence before.

I'm all bubbly and happy inside. And I don't know why. It's not my OTP, more like the kind of ship one ships whilst watching the show, and then doesn't really think about for a week. But I can't help it. Maybe it's because it gives me hope for other ships. Maybe it's because they're adorable together. Maybe it's because I Googled them and like all my Google searches I ended up looking at harp seals.

I don't know. I just know I'm full of rainbows and hope. Also, if they kill off Shaw I will be writing a letter. That letter will be something along the lines off, "WHY MUST YOU HURT ME SO? *strong letter to follow*", but it shall be a letter. And it will probably be written in my tears. Or ink depending on how I feel.

One of the things that is coming up this year is guest blogging! I'm very excited at the prospect, so if you or someone you know would be interested, do tell me in the comments.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

My Feels Through GIFs: I'm Not Dead, I Promise

And unlike Angelus, I'm not gonna murder a bunch of people.
Hi Fanlings! How are you? I can't hear you and I don't care. JK. So about a week before Thanksgiving, I got sick. And until now, I've been getting sicker and sicker. I mean, ear infections, sinus infection, a cold, the flu, "Dermatemeculitis," even "Stickittothemaneosis." You name it, I had it at some point in the past month or so.
Me when I had to leave the house.
Anyway, I'm better FINALLY and will resume normal posting. W00t.

The 7th of February will be the one year anniversary of my blog, so yay. Thanks to all of you who have stuck with me, and to all the new people for joining the craziness. I'm gonna be doing a giveaway, so if you have any ideas/things you want, do tell. I'm thinking fandom teas and mugs....

I bloody love tea.
I've been thinking about redoing the blog. Getting a new look. Jazzing it up. Making things a little more me, a little less Rustic British Star-Burst.

Four words. Super. Hero. Gophers. Everywhere.

Or Happy Emo Harp Seal. Probably Happy Emo Harp Seal, as that is my occupation.

*listens to Fall Out Boy*
I know this is a fandom blog. But lately, I've found myself writing things--good things--that aren't fandom related. This will remain at its essence a fandom blog, but I feel that I've grown as a writer into a place where I don't just want to talk about Benedict Cumberbatch anymore. I want to talk about the world we--Benny included--live in. And as someone who wants to do this for a living, I want to get out there as more than a fandom exclusive blogger. And by this, I mean this:

This is really close to how I type. I'm more passionate.
Since it's the end of the year, I decided to make a list of my top five favorite posts from 2014.

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Doctor John H. Watson Appreciation Post 

Jarsen the Fandom Panda and the Neon Volvo

One of  my cats has sat upon me, which means that I've been writing for too long and the cats think the computer has eaten my brain and they will have to revive me. If you have anything you want to see a post about in the new year, lemme know.

See ya.