Sunday, September 28, 2014

Top Ten: Tara And Willow Fan-Art

First things first: The winner of the giveaway is... Music+Writing=Life! Yay for you! I've left the details on your comment on the Giveaway post.

Second things second: I pulled something in my back whilst putting on my bra this morning. I heard a popping noise and then pain, so, yeah. It hurts to move my body. If the post stops in the middle, it's because I'm on the floor crying. Just so you know.

Third things third: I can count and I know this is only seven pictures. I feel very badly about that, but I couldn't find any more I liked. I wanted one with pregnant Tara and Willow, but I couldn't find one. So here's your opportunity to nominate your fav for the top ten!
Best song in the whole ep, IMHO.
Awwwww! *squee*
A love like no other.
*snuggles up in blanket because they're so cute*
I can't--
Always yours.
I found the last one just as Coldplay's "Fix You" started playing. I strongly suggest the sweet fan-art + sad love songs thing if you need to have a good cry. MY FEELINGS. I'm floating away in the tears my heart is crying. 

"Goodbye, Fanlings!" she said as she drifted away on a raft made of feels.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Feels Through GIFS: Florida is Eating Everyone I Love

*I talk about Florida in this post. And how much I dislike it. I still love my Fanlings from the molten pot of weird, just not where they live.*

Enter the Giveaway before it's too late! Going... Going...

SO. Florida (FL) is eating everyone I love. Really. I'm having emotions and feelings and FL is just like:

Let me explain. I hate the heat. Like the world is all:
And I'm like:
We--me and the heat--have an agreement: I don't get it its way, and it stays away from me. And then in the winter, I'm all:

So, as you can imagine, FL is like the hottest hot place this side of the pit as far as I'm concerned. But it doesn't have Mark Pellegrino, so in a way it's worse.

Sometime before the end of the week my BFF is moving to FL. One month after the library's YA director moved there. And about 9 months after my OBF almost moved there.

I'm harboring some unresolved hate for FL. Not that FL has ever done anything to me; it just enjoys eating the people I love. So FL, I ask you this:
and I bring you this:


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Doctor John H. Watson Appreciation Post

I love the Doctor side of John. We, as a fandom, don't get to see that often. And I miss it.

Sometimes I go into deep thought about different lines from Sherlock and try to decipher hidden meaning and such. One of the lines I've thunk about is:
"I was in the army. I killed people."
"You were a doctor!"
"I had bad days!"
So, to my thunking, here how it goes.

John was a doctor in the army. John was a doctor in a war zone. He lost people. And he doesn't see it as "they were killed in the war." He sees it as, "I, John Watson, couldn't save them. I killed them." And I think that is beautiful. He goes above and beyond, not only in matters of life, but death too. He is a doctor to his very core.

I love Doctor Watson. I love the jam-kittens-rage Jawn too--don't get me wrong. I just like the serious, feelings-y side too.

In other news, the giveaway is still going in full force. And only a few people have entered so far, so you have a pretty good chance of winning.

And now, in the words of a obsession of mine: I can solve your murder. But, John Watson can save your life.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Season Premiere Preparedness Package Giveaway! Whooo!

This free stuff is Freeman approved.
So I was watching the Doctor Who 12th Doctor/Season 8 premiere, with my blanket, chocolate, popcorn, and box of Kleenex for the inevitable tears. And I was thinking, this is what every fanperson needs before the start of a new season. With Supernatural coming in October, the fall lineup, and a Sherlock Christmas Special, we need to start prepping now. Like yesterday. We only have a mere 400+ days to batten down the metaphorical hatches for the new season of Sherlock! How will we be ready in just over a year? Anyway, back to free stuff.

I'm giving away a Season Premiere Preparedness Package! Whooo! Yay! Happy dance! Amongst the things you shall receive are:

1. One (1) new, unopened box of Kleenex. Not the one in the pic though. That one was recommissioned during the plague. One just like it, but less snotty. (Pattern may vary.)

2. One (1) Pinzon Velvet Plush Throw in Spa Green. It sayeth "Spa Green" but I see "Swamp Monster Tears." It's machine washable and it measures 50 by 60 inches. And it looks fluffy. Flufffffyy.

3. One (1) 11 oz bag of fun size M&Ms. They're chocolate. They melt in your mouth, not in your hand. I'm really not sure how to explain M&Ms.

4. One (1) box of Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter popcorn. It has 3 bags in the box. Enough for the whole family. Or just you, if you don't feel like sharing.

How to enter the giveaway:
Find your fav Last Fangirl On The Right post (not this one), comment below with its title and why it's your fav. For an extra entry, pin this giveaway to Pinterest and comment below with the URL of your pin in a SEPARATE COMMENT.

Pin this image, share the URL in a comment below, and voila:
second entry. You did read how to make your first entry, right?
If you do not enter correctly, you will be put in the PILE OF SHAME. The PILE OF SHAME is where all the bad entries go. If you fail to provide the name of your favorite post and why it's your favorite, PILE OF SHAME. If you only share on Pinterest and do not provide a comment with your favorite post, PILE OF SHAME. If you try to sneak your favorite post info and Pinterest URL in the same comment, PILE OF SHAME. If you comment spammy stuff, PILE OF SHAME and dishonor on your cow. You will know if you have landed in the PILE OF SHAME because I will comment and tell you so, giving you a chance to extricate yourself from the PILE OF SHAME and make it right. After all, we all mess up every now and again.

And now for the other fine print:
This giveaway is open only to residents of the US (blame Canada; she knows what she did). Winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries; contest ends at midnight, Eastern time, September 24, 2014.  If you win, you have 72 hours to respond with your mailing address; failure to do so lands you in the PILE OF SHAME, and another winner will be chosen. Contest is not affiliated with Blogger, Kleenex, Pinzon, M&Ms or Pop Secret. No substitutions. Prize includes food products, so if you're allergic, be sensible and either don't enter or give the nibbles to someone else; eat responsibly, little fanlings. Neither LastFangirlOnTheRight nor Blogger shall be held responsible for any injuries or other less than happy stuff arising from said giveaway or its contents. Void where prohibited. Tip your waitress.


This is the part where I say something witty. "Something witty." There. Done.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Think I Have The Plague

To be honest, I know I don't have the plague. The plague is a much swifter death. To paraphrase my grandmother, "I feel like I've been eaten by wolves and $#!% over a cliff." As you can tell, I inherited her gentle, ladylike nature. So forgive my less than perf writing. I'm just too...
I have less chest hair, but still.
(Source) be brilliant today. I shall try though.

So what have I been doing today, you ask? Well, I've been siting on my couch with MY NEWLY RESTORED LAPTOP, and watching VlogBrothers videos. Because what other choice do I have on a sick, rainy Sunday afternoon but to listen to the musings of  Hank Green? Also, there is a chocolate cake on our kitchen table, which is like three feet from my face. That's not helping with the nausea, as you can imagine. And now, weird questions from Evangeline because she thinks weird stuff when she's sick!

1. Are people left- or right-footed, just like they're left- or right-handed?
2. Are we all just in a bad dream Steven Moffat's having?
3. If a cookbook author uses an pen name, is it then a Om Nom de plume?
4. Are giant squid just normal sized and the rest are dwarves?
5. Does the mullet make the man?

*Brief intermission while I try not to die*

6. --a lot of actors I like have hard to spell and pronounce last names? I mean, really. Padalecki, Pellegrino, Speight, Gatiss, Ackles, Krushnic (Misha's real last name, JSYK), and Cucumbersnatchel. I'm temped to change my name to Ellemehnohpea (Pronounced L-M-N-O-P) just to get famous.

If you have answers, tell me. Now. Go do it. Now. WITH THE SPEED OF LIGHT. Or a ping-pong ball traveling at the speed of sound. Whatever floats your goat.

Also, THIS WEDNESDAY (9/17/14) is the start of the giveaway. I will link to it once it starts. Which it hasn't. Yet. UPDATE: It has! Yay! go here.

*manically laughs and then breaks into a coughing fit*

I'm gonna watch "Doctor Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog" now.

*subliminal messaging to my mum*
We have raw toast and cheese, and you have no excuses.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


For the last hour and a half, I've been trying to find something to write about.

Yeah, no.

My muse is taking a nap apparently.

No, wait--that's no nap! It's the....



Fear not. I'm pretty sure the Mishapocalypse will only last a few days, and I'll be back with renewed brilliance soon.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Shipping Wars: Stop It, Fandom

Based on a real conversation.
(Pic from here, edit by me)
Shipping fights irk me. They do.

As you know, I'm a Johnlocker. It's the ship I command, but that doesn't mean that it's the only ship in my fleet. I understand the whole "Sherlolly vs. Johnlock" thing. I get it. But the whole thing makes me mad. I mean really. That's not what the fandoms are about.

I believe in a land of equal opportunity shipping. A land where we can live in peace with our ships and maybe even squee over the ship that opposed us in this land.

I'm taking a moment for the sole purpose of asking the fandoms to stop the fighting. Fandoms fight, just like any family, but when we let the fights overcome the rest of the fandoming, we are no better than the people who hate fandom people just for being in the fandoms. Really though. It's crap like this that gives the fandoms a bad rep. And btw, this goes for all ships, not just Sherlolly and Johnlock.

So, in conclusion, stop the fighting. Stop the magic conch threats. Just stop. If not for the good of the fandom, for me. I can't stand the irking.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jarsen the Fandom Panda and the Neon Volvo

(Pic from here, edit by me, Jarsen by Jarsen)
As you may remember from last month's Jarsen post, I promised you the 14 squirrels, pint of ice cream, and neon Volvo story. Well, good things come to those who wait. And you waited. So here: it's a good thing. (If Martha Stewart beats me up with her rolling pin, I blame you.)

So Jarsen wanted ice cream. And not just any ice cream, but bamboo cheesecake ice cream. At 4 in the morning. So instead of waiting for morning to tell his mother he wanted some bamboo cheesecake-y goodness, he Googled the nearest carrier and grabbed/stole the car keys and made a voyage out.

After driving for about five minutes, Jarsen came across a squirrel lying in the middle of the road. (AAAAaaaaaAaand before you flip, nobody dies in this story.) And being a nice and considerate panda, Jarsen got out to check on the little fella.

"Mister? Are you okay?" Jarsen asked.

"Just leave me here to die!" lamented the squirrel.

"I can't do that," Jarsen said. "As a member of the fandoms and the blogging community, it would reflect badly on my peers. And, dying is bad. Can you just tell me what's wrong?"

"Well," said the squirrel, "my love, my fiancee, my confidante Marie has left me for another. She leaves with Jacques on the red-eye to France tonight. I can't bear it--no offense, panda man--so I'm ending my life. How could I, a mere squirrel from the city, compare to Frenchy McFrenchers with his suaveness and squirrel-stache."

"Listen," Jarsen said. " I don't know you. I don't know Marie. I don't know your relationship. But I know a good 'ship when I see it. And this is some Hugh Grant level romantic torment going on right here. And if I can't stand by Hugh Grant, who can I stand by? I declare it a ship. And I shan't sit idly by while it sinks. Come with me mister squirrel."

After geting in the car--and fastening their seat belts, I have been informed--the squirrel told Jarsen what happend.

Irving, our squirrel, and Marie where squirrelschool sweethearts. Irving has a job in town as an acorn harvester, while Marie is a fashion designer. Marie got an internship in France, where she met Jacques. Jacques fell in love with Marie, and even though she did not respond to his overtures, she felt deeply for him too. When Irving and Marie had a falling out, she called Jacques, distraught, but not expecting him to do more than listen. Instead, he made a grand gesture: he flew over in his private jet to woo Marie. Very grand, huh? Marie was so moved by this, that after he arrived, she gave in and left Irving a note that read:
"The heart wants what the heart wants. And it doesn't want you. I'm leaving with Jacques on the 5 am red-eye to France. Don't follow me. Goodbye, Irving."
So they had to follow her, obvs.

After like, 20 seconds, Jarsen noticed the car being tailed. By a neon yellow Volvo. Not very inconspicuous, making it the perfect tailing vehicle. Not hidden in plain sight and all that. So after a mile or so, Jarsen started to speed up, slow down, and do all the driving stuff he learned watching Taxi Brooklyn. They arrived at the squirrelport with the neon yellow Volvo still hot on their heels, or wheels if you must. With no time to waste, Irving and Jarsen hopped out of the car to find Marie. But as they did, 12 squirrels jumped out of the neon yellow Volvo (because I don't think you can see "neon yellow Volvo" enough). These were mean looking squirrels. They had biker jackets and nose rings and crap like that, and as Jarsen and Irving ran to find Marie, the mean-looking, biker-jacket-and-nose-ring-wearing squirrels chased them. Wind rushing through their fur, Jarsen and Irving ran for their lives: you don't know what a motivated biker squirrel can do to a panda. They rounded a corner to find Marie and Jacques preparing to board the plane.

"Stop!" Irving shouted over the roar of the engine. "Marie! I love you! You can't go! I'll do whatever you need. I've loved you since the day we met. If you need me to support your dreams more, I will. I'll do whatever it takes to keep you with me. You're my heart and soul. You're my life, Marie. And I know I have issues, but you could always look past them," he said taking her hands in his. "I love you Marie. And don't let this French poseur mess up a great thing. I love you and there's nothing else to say. And if that's not enough..." he trailed off like the trickle of tears rolling down his face.

"Irving...Jacques...," Marie said, "I can't do this. With either of you. I need some time to figure out who I am before I can know who I want to be with. I'm sorry. To both of you--I truly am. I just can't right now. " And with that, she picked up her squirrelcase and walked away.

Jacques and Irving look at each other. Jarsen looked at them. The biker squirrels looked at their toes.

"Tough luck man," said the lead biker squirrel. "You win some, you lose some."

"By the way, what are you guys doing here?" Jarsen asked the lead biker squirrel. "Who sent you and why were you following us?"

"Oh, yeah," lead biker squirrel said, pulling a flyer out from his jacket. "We're the 'Squirrels of Our Lord and Perpetual Redeemer Mission Club.' We wanted to talk to you about our Lord and Savior." He handed Jacques, Jarsen and Irving flyers.

"You were chasing us!" Jarsen said.

"We're passionate about evangelism!"

The evangelical squirrels got back into their neon yellow Volvo and drove away. Jarsen then noticed "Jesusmobile" painted across the back of the car.

"You wanna get some get some ice cream?" Jarsen asked.

"Sure," said Irving.

"Oui!" said Jacques.

"Not you," said Jarsen to Jacques. "You do not deserve ice cream. You are a horrible home-wrecking squirrel and it's a shame that you share the same species as Irving. You can rot in the cage with Adam for all I care."

"Who's Adam?" asked Irving.

"Nobody remembers!" said Jarsen.

Then Jarsen and Irving went for ice cream.

In other Fanling news, this picture:
(pic from here, edit by me)
Get it? It's a giveaway on the horizon.