Sunday, February 16, 2014

Everything You Need To Know About: The Fandoms

Welcome to the second post in the "Everything You Need To Know About" Blog Series! I have been informed that tens of people read last weeks posts, and that fills me with such joy. This week we start the never-ending journey down the rabbit hole of insanity that is the Fandoms. One of the basic things you MUST learn is that Fandom is an ever-changing, moving and living being.One day something can be huge, and the next POOF gone. No one cares anymore.

What is a Fandom? Any thing can have a Fandom--books, movies, actors and actresses, TV shows--if some one can love can it, it can have a Fandom. (And no, that does not apply to your boyfriend Brad. Unless Brad's last name is Pitt, then yeah. And also ANGELINA JOLIE IS READING MY BLOG! EEP!) Fandoms often spring up among groups of friends who like the same thing, then grow from there. Some fans contribute to their Fandoms through Fan-Fic, Fan-Art and Meme making. All though not mandatory, the above are appreciated and applauded. And remember, there are no Fan-Fic, Fan-Art or Meme police. Just trolls.

Because a lot of fans are alone in their towns, school, family, etc., you may be wondering, "Where can I find fellow fans?"

A good place is to start is the Internet, a favorite for homebodies and those who fall down easily. So perfect for me. Tumbler, FaceBook and Pinterest are good places to look. And blogs, of course **wink wink**.  Below I've listed some places on the interweb (mostly Facebook pages and Pinterest Boards) I like to frequent (sorted by Fandom).


Misha Collins

Jensen Ackles

Misha Collins Addicts

Supernatural Insider

Madly in love with Sam, Dean and everything Supernatural

Misha Collins stole my heart.

Supernatural my life my world

Oh, Misha.

Pudding - All Things Supernaturally Awesome

Jared Padafandom

Doctor Who:

Doctor Who 

The Daily Dalek

Alex Kingston

Catherine Tate

Sherlock (Because not everyone has seen Sherlock s3 just know, SPOILERS):


Harry Potter:

General Fandom:



That is a LOT of stuff. I didn't know I like to frequent that many places.

Next week on the "Everything You Need To Know About" blog series: fan terms!! Because when I say, " I can't even... My feels over my OTS... brb DYING," you'll need to know what I mean.

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