Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hello FanStuffs, Goodbye Money: This Is My Cup Of Tea

I'm too tired not to find this hilarious.

Prepare yourself for me sounding like a low budget commercial.

As you know, I'll be doing a giveaway here in a bit for the one year anniversary of the blog, and I had decided a while back to do tea or coffee for my next giveaway.

I remembered that Adagio Teas makes fandom teas, so I went over to give them a look.

It's amazing.

They not only have fandom teas, but they have collections. And ships. You can ship the teas with other teas. And you get 10% off if you buy two teas that are in a ship together. And they have framed sets, so you can put them in your house. I cannot contain all of my happy. You got a fandom? They've probably got a tea. Buffy, Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who... the list goes on. And on. You may be asking yourself, "Self? What if they don't have a tea for my fandom? Or they do and I don't like it?" You can make them. You can make your own teas. It's a dream come true.

I think this is a wonderful thing. Not just because you can sit down after a long day and have a big cup of Castiel, although that is a plus. But because that means that the fandoms are spreading out into the world. Into other things and places. Beyond the reach of the internet and into a corporeal space.

Love me a corporeal space.

The link to the main site is here, the link to the fandom page is here, and I'll be all the way over here with the order form. 'Cause I needz it.

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