Sunday, March 2, 2014

Everything You Need To Know About: Shipping

(Made by me)

Shipping! Whoo!

Shipping has nothing to do with actual watercraft. Or canoes or "Boats, boats boats!" I felt the need to clear that up. Shipping is derived from the word relationship. Some people (namely my OBF(Other Best Friend) K) thinks shipping is called shipping because you'd put two people on a boat and ship them off to a desert island where they could enjoy their love in solitude. Shipping is the belief that two people (sometimes three) are made for each other.


OTP: "One True Pairing." By deeming a Ship your OTP, you are declaring really strong emotions for it, perhaps to the extent that you feel the characters involved are meant for each other above all other relationships they could have. We're talking soulmates here. For example, I ship Sherlolly (Molly Hooper/Sherlock Holmes, BBC Sherlock), but my OTP is JohnLock (Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, BBC Sherlock). **Please don't hate me because I'm a Johnlocker, oh Sherlolly-pops.**

Ghost Ship: A Ship that went down in the ocean, drowning all on board. Kaplooie. Ain't happen'. Mostly because a member of the Ship has died, likely for good. So essentially, a Ghost Ship is a hopeless Ship. You may still Ship a Ghost Ship, but you have reallized that it is no longer in the metaphorical fleet. Like Tarow (Tara/Willow, Buffy), for example.

Sailed Ship: A ship that is canonically true, like Mahn (Mary/John Watson, BBC Sherlock).

BROTP: OTP bromance edition.

NOTP: A Ship you will not ship. Not to be confused with "No TP," which is a desperate cry you hope never to utter while in the loo.

Shark: A person who is against a particular ship. For example, I am a Wincest (Sam/Dean Winchester) and Mylock (Mycroft/Sherlock Holmes) Shark. Why? Because they're brothers, ya idjits! Ew.

So, boys and girls, now that you've got a basic working fandom vocabulary, we're ready to start tackling "Everything You Need to Know About" each of the various shows. Don't worry: here there be no spoilers. (Bonus points to you if you read that last word in River's voice.) First up? Grab your salt and iron, and we'll look at "The Road So Far."