Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Chuck Appreciation Post #ChuckRidesAgain


If you live in or near the southeast, I would like to apologize for all the manic laughter and "I KNEW IT!"'s you likely heard during the past half hour. That was me. Sorry.


I never wanted to believe Chuck was gone.

Were there doubters? Yes. People saying he had to be dead because of Kevin? Yes. Did I ever lose hope? Yes. That was about 15 minutes after they said he died. But then I did what I do best: hope, deny, and come up with elaborately unreal ways that what I wanted could have happened.

Who wants to carve this into the side of a church? No takers? Really?
And look where I am now. Full of Chuck. This is what happens when you hope, children.

I love Chuck. He's so... Chuck. There aren't words. I am nominating him for the role of Patron Saint Of People Who Sit Around In Their Underwear All Day While They Write.  As there is a Patron Saint of Bathroom Breaks, I think it's reasonable. As I don't know the pope and am not Catholic, this may take a while. So, if you know the pope and/or are Catholic, drop him an e-mail for me, would ya? Thanks sweets. I might be the only one to ever... What do you even do with saints? Shine the saint signal? Saint dance?

I digress.

Chuck is fantastic. For many reasons. One of which is that he followed his passion/the voices in his head. Even when the publisher dropped him, he continued.

With some people, they write because they want to. With others *cough* me and Chuck *cough* we write because we need to. It's a need. Not a fleeting desire. I will always write. And so will Chuck. And that is one of the many reason why I love him. Viva la Chuck. See you soon, boo.

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