Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hello FanStuffs, Goodbye Money: All I Want For Christmas Is FANDOM



A lot of holidays are coming. Soon. TO A THEATER NEAR YOU. Whether it be for Christmas, Hanukkah,Yule, Hogmany, or Boxing Day, buying things for the ones you love (or hate the least) is an important part of the end months. Why? Monkey Rabbits if I know.

And yet, it is a thing.

One problem of the holiday season is finding things for those you love, that they will love, that don't happen to be socks. 'Cause everybody loves socks. In this post, I have compiled a list of things you may want to buy for your Fandom people, or vice versa. Onward!

Doctor Who:


Anti-Possession Temporary Tattoos (Etsy)

Castiel Heat Reactive Mug (Hot Topic)

"Idjit" Tee-Shirt (Cafepress)

Castiel's Handprint Temporary Tattoo (Etsy)

I swear I looked for a Menorrah.
BBC Sherlock:
Sherlock And Watson On Skull Mug (Etsy)

Sherlock Inspired "Side Of The Angels" Earrings (Etsy)

221B Wallpaper Coffee Cozy (Etsy)

Pocket John Shirt (Redbubble)

"Mrs. Hudson Took My Skull" Quote Print (Etsy)

I don't own any of these thing, so they could be rubbish. I don't know. I don't know a lot of things.
Anyway, it's bloody late, I'm done, and I'll see you Sunday. Or I won't. I don't know that either.

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