Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Think I Have The Plague

To be honest, I know I don't have the plague. The plague is a much swifter death. To paraphrase my grandmother, "I feel like I've been eaten by wolves and $#!% over a cliff." As you can tell, I inherited her gentle, ladylike nature. So forgive my less than perf writing. I'm just too...
I have less chest hair, but still.
(Source) be brilliant today. I shall try though.

So what have I been doing today, you ask? Well, I've been siting on my couch with MY NEWLY RESTORED LAPTOP, and watching VlogBrothers videos. Because what other choice do I have on a sick, rainy Sunday afternoon but to listen to the musings of  Hank Green? Also, there is a chocolate cake on our kitchen table, which is like three feet from my face. That's not helping with the nausea, as you can imagine. And now, weird questions from Evangeline because she thinks weird stuff when she's sick!

1. Are people left- or right-footed, just like they're left- or right-handed?
2. Are we all just in a bad dream Steven Moffat's having?
3. If a cookbook author uses an pen name, is it then a Om Nom de plume?
4. Are giant squid just normal sized and the rest are dwarves?
5. Does the mullet make the man?

*Brief intermission while I try not to die*

6. --a lot of actors I like have hard to spell and pronounce last names? I mean, really. Padalecki, Pellegrino, Speight, Gatiss, Ackles, Krushnic (Misha's real last name, JSYK), and Cucumbersnatchel. I'm temped to change my name to Ellemehnohpea (Pronounced L-M-N-O-P) just to get famous.

If you have answers, tell me. Now. Go do it. Now. WITH THE SPEED OF LIGHT. Or a ping-pong ball traveling at the speed of sound. Whatever floats your goat.

Also, THIS WEDNESDAY (9/17/14) is the start of the giveaway. I will link to it once it starts. Which it hasn't. Yet. UPDATE: It has! Yay! go here.

*manically laughs and then breaks into a coughing fit*

I'm gonna watch "Doctor Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog" now.

*subliminal messaging to my mum*
We have raw toast and cheese, and you have no excuses.


  1. Ah, my darling daughter. If I had a freeze ray, I could stop the pain.

    Instead, I'll answer your questions.
    1. Yes.
    2. No.
    3. Perhaps.
    4. Not likely.
    5. Seldom.
    6. No clue.

    How about mac 'n' cheese instead?

    1. I think we can do that. :) *whoa is me-ing in the background*