Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Season Premiere Preparedness Package Giveaway! Whooo!

This free stuff is Freeman approved.
So I was watching the Doctor Who 12th Doctor/Season 8 premiere, with my blanket, chocolate, popcorn, and box of Kleenex for the inevitable tears. And I was thinking, this is what every fanperson needs before the start of a new season. With Supernatural coming in October, the fall lineup, and a Sherlock Christmas Special, we need to start prepping now. Like yesterday. We only have a mere 400+ days to batten down the metaphorical hatches for the new season of Sherlock! How will we be ready in just over a year? Anyway, back to free stuff.

I'm giving away a Season Premiere Preparedness Package! Whooo! Yay! Happy dance! Amongst the things you shall receive are:

1. One (1) new, unopened box of Kleenex. Not the one in the pic though. That one was recommissioned during the plague. One just like it, but less snotty. (Pattern may vary.)

2. One (1) Pinzon Velvet Plush Throw in Spa Green. It sayeth "Spa Green" but I see "Swamp Monster Tears." It's machine washable and it measures 50 by 60 inches. And it looks fluffy. Flufffffyy.

3. One (1) 11 oz bag of fun size M&Ms. They're chocolate. They melt in your mouth, not in your hand. I'm really not sure how to explain M&Ms.

4. One (1) box of Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter popcorn. It has 3 bags in the box. Enough for the whole family. Or just you, if you don't feel like sharing.

How to enter the giveaway:
Find your fav Last Fangirl On The Right post (not this one), comment below with its title and why it's your fav. For an extra entry, pin this giveaway to Pinterest and comment below with the URL of your pin in a SEPARATE COMMENT.

Pin this image, share the URL in a comment below, and voila:
second entry. You did read how to make your first entry, right?
If you do not enter correctly, you will be put in the PILE OF SHAME. The PILE OF SHAME is where all the bad entries go. If you fail to provide the name of your favorite post and why it's your favorite, PILE OF SHAME. If you only share on Pinterest and do not provide a comment with your favorite post, PILE OF SHAME. If you try to sneak your favorite post info and Pinterest URL in the same comment, PILE OF SHAME. If you comment spammy stuff, PILE OF SHAME and dishonor on your cow. You will know if you have landed in the PILE OF SHAME because I will comment and tell you so, giving you a chance to extricate yourself from the PILE OF SHAME and make it right. After all, we all mess up every now and again.

And now for the other fine print:
This giveaway is open only to residents of the US (blame Canada; she knows what she did). Winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries; contest ends at midnight, Eastern time, September 24, 2014.  If you win, you have 72 hours to respond with your mailing address; failure to do so lands you in the PILE OF SHAME, and another winner will be chosen. Contest is not affiliated with Blogger, Kleenex, Pinzon, M&Ms or Pop Secret. No substitutions. Prize includes food products, so if you're allergic, be sensible and either don't enter or give the nibbles to someone else; eat responsibly, little fanlings. Neither LastFangirlOnTheRight nor Blogger shall be held responsible for any injuries or other less than happy stuff arising from said giveaway or its contents. Void where prohibited. Tip your waitress.


This is the part where I say something witty. "Something witty." There. Done.


  1. MISHAPOCALYPSE NOW fave because it involves nap taking and the apocalypse!

  2. Supernatural The Musical is my favorite because it's my favorite show and those songs fit them perfectly. Also, you have great taste in music.

    1. You win! Congrats! Please Email me your snail mail address and name to superwholockgirl22167 at gmail dot com within the next 72 hours to claim your prize!


  4. My Fave is the Hot guy Appriciation: BtVs because BtVS is my favorite show ever and I love That Spike is #1