Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Feels Through GIFS

In my last post I used a GIF for the first time.
So I was all:


Things were going great. I used a new format for my blog, a blog that is closing in on 900 (!) views, and I was planing my 1000 visit giveaway.

And then I got very, very mad.

Misha Collins, The Most Amazing, is in the Alpha Male Madness 2014 contest at E!
And as of now he's losing. So I'm all:


The problem is that they pitted Misha against Jensen. Why? BECAUSE THEY HAVE A BAD CASE OF EVIL!!! Today is the last day to vote. And I'm still all INTERNALLY SCREAMING.

A lot of people are not voting at all because Dean and Castiel are in mortal combat, and they don't want to pick a side. Which I get. BUT MISHA! I still understand. BUT MISHA! I respect their decision. BUT MISHA'S BUTT! And don't get me wrong, I love Jensen, but I LURVE Misha.
What I really want to do to the people at E! is:

Yeah, but murder is bad. And murder by finger snap is worse. What E! has done is made the fandom choose. We don't do well with choices. That's one of the upsides to the fandoms. It's all very open. Sharks and Shipettes live in harmony. Johnlockers and Sherlolly-pops can live in peace without the aforementioned murder by finger snap happening. We the people on blogs, websites, etc., shouldn't put more pressure on the fans. The thing is, all the Jensen pages I follow are asking people to vote for him. All the Padafandom pages are rallying behind Jensen. None of the upwards of 20 Misha pages (expect Misha Collins Addicts ) are campaigning for him.

No wonder he's losing.


There, I said it.

I feel like we're failing him as a fandom.

Oh, yeah and the cherry on the suck sundae? A girl at my BFF's school called Doctor Who "Disgusting." So I'm all:


I think my exact words where, "She ain't your friend anymore." I hate it when people call the fandoms and shows "pathetic" and "stupid." How is watching a show, wearing fandom clothes, and crying when a character dies so different from watching a football game, wearing sports jerseys, and yelling at a screen when someone falls over? And anyway how can you hate this:

I digress.
My point is, as president and founder of The Misha Minions-Little Po-Dunk-Town chapter, I'd like him to win.Voting ends TODAY 5 p.m. PT, 8 p.m. EST and again I want him to win. Please vote; the link's right here.  And then I'll be all:

So vote for Misha.
Or Jensen.
Or Misha.
Just vote.
For Misha.

Also, the aforementioned 1000 visit giveaway is in the very EXCITING works!!!

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