Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Day In The Life Of Jarsen, The Fandom Panda

(Pic from here, edit by me, Jarsen by Jarsen)
We had no new Jarsen post last week.

My mind was so full of TFIOS feels, I forgot.

Forgive me!!!!!

Okie dokie.

Now that that's out of the way.

So Mum was asking me recently, "What does Jarsen do all day? He seems to just drink coffee and watch TV." And I was thinking, that seems about right. So I asked Jarsen, "Jarsen, what do you do all day?" He then issued this very detailed report:

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It's very hard to panda type. Later, he translated for me. *Clears throat*

11:35 am: Wake up, make coffee
11:45 am: Start watching Supernatural
12:35 pm: Make lunch
12:40 pm: Eat lunch and watch more SPN
1:20 pm: Take a nap
2: 50 pm: Wake up, drink coffee, and start watching Sherlock
3:25 pm: Snacks and shipping. (Editor's note, shipping time includes fanart making, headcanon plotting, and feeling feels)
4: 20 pm: Watch Doctor Who
6:30 pm: Go to grocery store to buy more coffee and cookies
6:31 pm: Realize that not having a driver's license, car, or thumbs makes going to the store a bad idea
6:32 pm: Eat the rest of the cookies
6:35 pm: Prepare for TV line up 
6:40 pm: Have dinner with the fam (Editor's note: that's me and Mum, BTW)
7:30 pm: Listen to "Let's do this thing!" playlist 
7:33 pm: Abandon the "Let's do this thing!" playlist and listen to Billy Joel
8:00 pm: Watch whatever TV's on that night
11:00 pm: Think about going to bed 
11:01 pm: Laugh at the above
11:02 pm: Watch Mad Men, MythBusters, or Buffy, depending on mood
12:03 am: Think about going to bed, again
12:04 am: Laugh my little panda butt off and watch more TV
1:35 am: Vow to go to bed earlier tomorrow
1:45 am: Get in bed and have sweet panda-y dreams

This has been "A Day in the life of Jarsen."

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