Sunday, June 15, 2014

And Lo! A Fangirl Was Born: Sherlock

I love Shocking Blankets.
Now, the completely unextraordinary story of my infatuation with Sherlock...

T.V. in summer is about as dead as Sherlock (too soon?), and Mum and I had just reached the end of it all. It was the summer of 2012, and Amazon had seasons 1 and 2 of Sherlock for free streaming on Prime. So, we decided to see what the all fuss was about.

Wow, that's lame.

I mean it really is. Even the word lame is kinda lame. For something so important I kinda blindly stumbled upon it.


I did not blindly stumble into The Fandoms. I mean, I did. You can't prepare for that crap. 

I had followed some Doctor Who Pinterest boards, and after Mum and I watched The Reichenbach Fall, I said to my self, "Self? I wonder if BBC Sherlock has a lot of fans. And I wonder if they're on Pinterest..."


This was my first real Fandom experience. I had had a few close encounters of the Fandom kind, (Doctor Who, Buffy, HIMYM, ST: TNG, Star Wars, etc.) but I never got it. Not really. As you can imagine it was a little overwhelming, diving headfirst into one of the craziest, die-hard-iest Fandoms.

And it was awesome.

I never really fit in. Still don't. But The Fandoms are like a huge extended family that gets you. You don't have to explain your craziness, because they're right along with you. And like in any family, you argue. But you get over it.

How I love the Sherlock Fandom, let me count the ways...

1. It's crazy.
2. We've rioted in the past, and threaten to do so again from time to time.
3. CumberBum, CumberButtons, and CumberCurls are legit things.
4. We have a collective want to slap Moffat and Gatiss with a fish.
5. The ships. 'Nuff said.
6. The quotes. 'Nuff said, part 2.
7. Otters, umbrellas and hegehogs have a whole new meaning.
8. Do I need more reasons?

So yeah. That's less lame right? I hope so.

What do I ship, you ask? Well... all of them. As you may remember from BBC Sherlock: The Musical, Part 2, The Ships, if it's shipable, I ship it. Except Mylock/Shercroft. Just no.  

In case you where wondering, here be my Pinterest. Also our next Jarsen post is coming Wednesday, so yay.

Laterz Fanlings.

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