Sunday, June 22, 2014

And Lo! A Fangirl Was Born: Supernatural

Me, joining the Fandoms.
This was the show that really catapulted me from "fan" to "Fandom."

With Doctor Who, I was too young. With BBC Sherlock, I was naive. With Supernatural, I was ready. 

So, my OBF K was... obsessed? Dedicated? Much in love with Supernatural, how ever you slice it. Her profile picture was the anti-demon possession symbol for months. And because she loved it, Mum and I decided to give it a go. Starting out, we thought it was going to be a "Monster Of The Week" kind of show. Yeah, no. The Demon v. Angel storyline quickly became evident and we love that stuff.

For starters, we were undecided on the whole DeanGirl/SamGirl issue. I was leaning a little more Dean, and Mum to Sam.

Then Castiel came. Ahhhhh, Castiel. He was my first real fictitious crush/person I want to have babies with.

Misha is still my Imaginary Celebrity Boyfriend. The fact that I have more of a chance with his kids than him is something I choose to ignore heartily. Sometimes I just sit back and realize I called someone old enough to be my Dad adorable. Oy.
"I am a flatbread of the Lord."

I started participating as a fangirl more and more in all my Fandoms because of SPN.

Supernatural was the first Fandom I did crossovers with (SUPERWHOLOCK FOREVA!), and wrote fan-fic for. Said fan-fic is not fit for human or panda eyes. At this point. It's a work in progress. Progressively worse. Oy. (Mum says I wrote a Harry Potter/Doctor Who fan-fic poem as a small child. As Gandalf would say, I have no memory of this place.)

That's how I became a Supernatural fangirl. You can read my posts on Doctor Who and BBC Sherlock, by clicking on the links. The names of the shows. You know how to click on a link. Hopefully. 

Ever wondered how to convert your friends to the Fandom life besides saying "Here, let me show to you this thing"? Tune in next week for the new series "Here, Have Some Kool-Aid," which includes our handy dandy starter episode guide.

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