Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Can of Worms, Now with Convenient Pop-Top: Elementary vs. BBC Sherlock

Something has been bugging me lately.

I keep seeing BBC Sherlock fans dissing Elementary.

Now everyone has the right to their opinion; it's when you're nasty about it that makes me mad.

One of the nice things about the fandoms is that you can love what you love without being judged.

The Sherlocks from BBC and Elementary live in two very different worlds. And so do the Fans. So can we please stop building a rainbow bridge over to the Elementary fandom for the sole purpose of slapping those fans in the face?

BBC Sherlock is a powerful fandom. And with great power, comes great arsewad-ness if you're not careful. Why are we treating fans in another fandom badly because we just happen to share the main character both shows are based off of? If anything, we should be closer to them.

I think we need to make like kindergarten kids and share (naps and cookies optional, but encouraged). The world can have two Sherlocks.

You can love the BBC and the CBS Sherlock. They aren't mutually exclusive unless we make them so. I think the more smart-sexy men we have on TV, the better. I would rather live in a world where the shows of choice involve housekeepers, tea, and tall buildings rather than baby-daddies, STDs, and the coast of New Jersey. 

That's how I feel. Sue me.

In other Fanling news, the Jarsen posts have been rescheduled for the end of every quarter. And starting this Sunday, we start FORMIDULOSUS Sundays, which is Latin for scary. We'll talk about the scariest baddies of SuperWhoLock. Is it not FORMIDULOSUS?

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