Sunday, October 12, 2014

Formidulosus Sundays: Top Five Scariest DW Baddies

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Annoucement: My posts will be coming later in the day until at least the end of the month. I was going to church at 8:00am (ugh), but I'm going later now and by the time I get home, have lunch, take a nap, and write a post, it's later in the day. Just keep that in mind.

This post is purely my opinion; YMMV. Who knows, you might be terrified by The Adipose. No judgment. It's escalators for me. Stairways to hell. And when an up escalator and a down one cross next to each other in midair? Portal to hell. Straight to the pit. Adam expressway. *shivers*

Anyway. To the other things that give me nightmares! 1-least nightmare-y, 10-most nightmare-y, (Escalators are about a 14 on my personal scale.)


 5. Daleks

The Daleks don't scare me that much. Not the robots anyway. The little octo-alien thing that lives on the inside? That's just... Ew.

And beside just being icky, the whole idea is very interesting. It's odd to think of one of the most feared beings in the universe as a squishy space octopus. The exterminator of worlds is squishy.

Nightmare scale:

4. The "Love & Monsters" green thing

I don't know what the species of this thing is.

I don't want to.

As you may have gathered, I'm a pretty independent person. I don't want to be sucked up by a big green thing. It would be one thing if he were nice, but he treats his body-faces horribly.

Nightmare scale:

3. The Silence

Why am writing about a blank pictue?

I hate forgetting things. I do. It's one of thoses things that just bugs me.

It's in my brain... somewhere.

And that there may or may not be a thing that can make you forget. No. Nope. DO NOT WANT. 

Nightmare scale:

2. The "Are you my mummy?" kid

This is the alien that I had nightmares about as a little kid. I had really bad separation anxiety as a kid, so not being able to find my mummy was something that I was legit worried about. Not being able to find my mummy on an escalator? Real. Life. Tartarus.

Nightmare scale:


1. The weeping angels

I would tell you about the fact the I still have nightmares about these, but I'm too BUSY NOT BLINKING NOPE NOPE AHHHH ASDFGHJKL


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