Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Error Code: 3.141-Fish-Penguin-Blink 182

The error code says... Tree? Horse? Fiddler crab?
I can't read it. It wasn't meant for bloggers to read.
I've been having computer problems. So many computer problems. From blue screen of not-quite-death-but-potentially-in-a-coma to Windows just taking a nap in the middle of me trying to surf.

It's quite troublesome.

So my laptop is in the computer ICU.

Poor baby.

I wanted to talk about the new Supernatural from last night, but on my Mum's desktop I have limted time.

*sad blogger*

Fear not! I will do that once I'm up and running.

See you in the aftermath, Fanlings. Peace! But... not really.

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