Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hello FanStuffs, Goodbye Money: Gooooo Team Fandom!


So I'm homeschooled and going into high school this year. And everybody's like:

"What about prom? And chemistry? How will you meet people? Do you have friends? How will you date? Do you get graded on a curve because your mom teaches you? Are you socialized? Can you read and write without help? Are you gonna mass murder people because you never went to public school? But what about prom, though?"

In case you are asking yourself any of these: I'll go to prom with my homeschooling group; I'll prob take chem with my homeschooling group, too. I meet people at church, the library, archery lessons, and through my fandom stuff. Yes, I have friends. 99.9 % of the people in my town are un-dateworthy to my standards, public school or not. No, Mum doesn't go easy on me because I came out of her body. Yes, I'm a mindless mole person scared of light, white foods, and sarcasm. Me ready-writey gooood. I might murder the next person to ask me a stupid homeschooling question. And yes, by Stormageddon Dark Lord of All, I'm gonna get to go to prom.

And, hey--no public school, no hell-mouth worries! Always a plus.

Anyway, I've been noticing that my friends who are in high school have Letterman jackets.

Like all of them.

Even the ones who are sports-challenged like me. And that was something I'd never thought about. I mean, I have no interest in football or basketball or baseball or... other ball sports. And until roller derby, sumo wrestling, and/or caber tossing pick up in the deep South, I'm out of luck on the jacket front. And it was kinda bumming me out. And then I found the most glorious thing.

It's a Letterman jacket. It's a Doctor Who Letterman jacket. And it's not a gazillon dollars. And it comes in my size.

So in other words...
They have most of the doctors' numbers (no 8 1/2, boo), and custom jackets. I'm also thinking I might get one that says "Sunnydale High" across the back, because why not? (Also temped to get one of these that says, "Future Mrs. Misha Collins," because also why not?)

The links to the DW50 and DW10 are here(50) and here(10); the link to the homepage is here, and the link to the custom men's and women's are here(w) and here(m).

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