Sunday, July 20, 2014

Favorite Fan Videos: Doctor Who

Last week I said, and I quote,
"As you know, on Sunday nights I post new installments of the various blog series I write. Well, right now I don't have any good ideas. Like none. So, I'm taking a little breather from the series-ing. But don't fret: I'll start back after I have a good idea. If you have something you wanna see, let me know."
Well, after one week, a tiny existential crisis, and a buttmonkey-load of coffee, I've come up with an idea. "Favorite Fan Videos: A Convenient List Of My Top 5!" I still need ideas on what you wanna see, or if you even like the blog series-ing. Anyway, to the videos!

For the "Unicorn and the Wasp" fans


Have some feels, why don'tcha.

I love this one. Always have, always will. 

*F-bomb warning*

One of my fav songs + David Tennant? Perfect.

SOOOoooOOOoo, now you've seen my top five DW videos. Oh, and the "50 Post Dance Party/Binge Watching Extravaganza" is this Wednesday. I really do need to know about the blog series-ing thing. So comment or use the contently located poll! Enlighten me. I wanna be one with everything. Or two with everything. That seems better. I feel enlightened-er, do you feel enlightened-er? I feel enlightened-er.

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