Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fanning In The Real World: Stealth Fandoms

Me every. Single. Pancake-flipping. Day.
Hello Fanlings! How are you? I can't hear you, and I don't care. JK.

After Fandom Beauty Day, I was talking to my mum about all the Fandoms I'm in, and how there are some I don't really talk about. Well dear reader, I don't talk about them because of you. Not you specifically, but my readers in general. This is a SuperWhoLock centered blog, and I want to make you happy. So here is a list of most all of the shows, movies, and books I fan over. Listed in no particular order.


The Strain
It's so weird. I love it.  

Murder in the First
Do I like this show? If by "like" you mean "love it so much it hurts my feelings," then yes, I like this show.

The Big Bang Theory

How I Met Your Mother

Last Tango in Halafax
Old people in love. Do I need more reasons? Nope.

Star Trek: TNG
Make it so.

Blues Clues
Don't judge me.

Sirs Ian and Derek make me want to be an old gay man. *Squee*

One day I will meat Miranda Hart and I will be starstruck and short.

Monroe. That is all.

The Following
The people in my kitting group think I'm a serial killer because of this show. Make one comment about killing that blonde girl being beneath Joe...

Daniel needs a hug. #HugsForDaniel2014

Mad Men
Betty Draper is a horrible person.

I reject your reality and substitute my own!!


Lord of the Rings
One fandom to rule them all...

The Hobbit
I'm fairly sure I'm just a really tall hobbit.

Harry Potter
One of my first fandoms.

Doctor Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog
This is my favorite movie. *happy dance* 

SharkBoy and LavaGirl
I liked Taylor Laughtner before he was cool.

The Hunger Games
They haven't messed these up. Yay.

Sue me.

Jack + Rose. I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP. Oh, wait...

Book Series:


Gregor The Overlander

The books that made me love reading.

Alcatraz Vs.
I wish I were a Smedrey.

The Hunger Games 
They didn't mess up the movies. Yay!

Percy Jackson
They messed up the movies. Boo.

I still haven't gotten over that series ending. I miss you.


THAT is how you end a series!

The Mortal Instruments
*waits for next book*

You see my problem. If I did one post for each Fandom I'm in, I'd never have time to post about important things, like Benedict Cumberbatch's butt, and other important world issues. If you want a post about one of the listed, let me know. ALSO, I ask you guys to comment. And you never do! Grr. I know people are looking at my blog, but you ignore me. Why? I'm tempted to misspell something so I get a comment.

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