Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy Fandom Beauty Day!!

(Pic by my Mum, arm by me, (Well,
technically mum did that too.) Fandom symbols by Mum.)
Note to TFiOS fans: I am a TFiOS fan. I forgot my to draw my "Okay? Okay." bubbles. I'm sorry. Forgive me. Okay? Okay.

You may be saying to your self, "Self? Why has this blogger, writer and dare I say friend, darkened the endless web of the internet with a picture of an arm? And a hairy, pale arm at that?" Or you may just be saying, "Hey! Look an arm!"


And by "Fandom Beauty Day," I do not mean the twisted concept that we have as a society of what be pretty.

I mean the glory! the honor! the all over awesomeness that lives in The Fandoms as a whole and in Fandom individuals.

So I bestow unto you a picture of my arm. Also, I be pale and I be hairy. I blameth me Dad, both for the hair and for the way I was just talking just then.

SooOOOoOoo, just in case you don't know what some of the symbols are...


#DFTBA = Don't Forget To Be Awesome, Nerdfighters/Vlog Brothers John and Hank Green
Red circle with wibbly squiggles around it = Anti-angel symbol, Supernatural
Blue box with flashy red nob on top = Tardis, Doctor Who
Brown triangle with circle and line = The Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter
Orange curly diamond with horns = Rune, The Mortal Instruments
221B = Address, BBC Sherlock
Yellow ring with writing = The One Ring, Hobbit/LotR
Giant red *A* = Avengers logo, Avengers
Orange *B* = Buffy B, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Green shark tooth with a star = Federation symbol, Star Trek/ST:TNG
Red and white circle = Pokéball, Pokémon
Scary blue fork of doom = Trident, Percy Jackson


So anyway Fanlings, I think we need a symbol. What do you think it should be? A panda? A top hat? A panda IN a top hat? I'll have it figured out by next year.

If you too have an idea for the LastFangirl symbol, and/or and symbol-y arm pic, feel free to post it below.

In conclusion, live it up Fanlings. Today is our day.


My anti-angel symbol met an unfortunate end involving my upper arm. I wrote "So Get This..." in its wake. RIP anti-angel symbol. You will be missed.


  1. As the Mum in question, I feel it only fair to also point out that I was involved in the production of that arm, having distinct memories of it poking me in the ribs and bladder some time ago when it was much smaller. And hey--look at that Buffy "B"!

    1. Voila! I think it'll be more to your liking now.

      Thanks for birthing me.